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Rebecca | Gypsy Soul | Senior Rep 2017

And here it is... my LAST styled session with my 2017 senior rep team! It's a bittersweet moment. Planning these sessions took a lot of work, and they've kept me crazy busy over the last month, but I'm so excited about how they turned out & I'm a little sad to be done with them. I have had SO much fun with them!

This one, I call Gypsy Soul. I wanted this theme to portray a wanderlust spirit, with modern gypsy-inspired attire. The session took place a beautiful lake in Grapevine, TX that I've always wanted to shoot at. I knew when I was planning this session, that this was the perfect location for it. The dreamy sunset sky, the rock ledges, the water... It was absolutely gorgeous.

& Rebecca couldn't have been a more perfect model for it. She has such a stunning & flawless face. I don't know how I ended up with such gorgeous models for my rep program, but wow! I'm so excited to continue working with these girls throughout the next couple of months. We have a fun styled, group session coming up soon, and all of their individual personalized sessions as well! So stay tuned! :)