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Lily | Holy Smokes | Senior Rep 2017

Another styled senior session in the books! Yay! This was hands down the hardest session I've ever done. The wind was blowing all the smoke to the side, we were shooting in the middle of a backroad and had to avoid traffic, the smoke bombs only last for 90 seconds a piece so I was running around in between shots trying to move as fast as I could, the smoke was burning poor Lily's eyes, Justin (my hubby/assistant) had to stand on the other side of Lily and wave the smoke bombs around in order to work up a good cloud of smoke, and the sun decided to set a little quicker than usual that day (or perhaps it was just that we were up on a hill), so we were really limited on time... It was ROUGH, but boy, was it FUN!

Shoutout to my lovely model, Lily, for handling the smoke and chaos like a champ! She rocked it! She was having SO much fun, and literally jumped for joy when I showed her a couple shots from the back of my camera. It makes me so happy to get these reactions from my girls. I love creating images that make them feel beautiful and confident. Lily made a difficult session one of the most fun that I've ever had, and that speaks volumes for her personality. I'm so excited to work with her again for her personalized session in September! :)

Kylee Swisher Photography | DFW Senior Portrait Photographer