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Kenzie | Bibs & Bubbles | Senior Rep 2017

Kenzie's styled session couldn't have been more fitting for her. This theme was simple & cutesy, topped off with bubbles for a girl with a bubbly personality... and Kenzie is just that. She's one of the sweetest, bubbly girls I've come to know. I just loved photographing her! She made my job so easy. I keep telling her she looks like a barbie doll, only prettier, but how could anyone disagree? She's crazy gorgeous.

I was actually afraid we were going to have to reschedule this session, because it had been raining all afternoon that day. It finally cleared up right before we started shooting though, so we pushed through the humidity and drizzle, and somehow managed to get these beautiful shots. Who would've thought that pictures taken somewhere so simple like a neighborhood sidewalk, in the drizzling gloomy rain, could turn out so great? I'm just giddy over how they turned out!

Kylee Swisher Photography | Senior Portrait Photographer | DFW, Texas