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Jessica & Kreigh | Engagement | Lexington, KY

While I was back in my hometown in Kentucky, visiting with family and friends, I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous couple in celebration of their recent engagement. Jessica, the bride-to-be, chose a beautiful location that I am now totally obsessed with. While it pains me that it's not here in Texas, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to shoot there. My favorite images from this session were taken in this amazing treeline. The colors were so rich and gorgeous, and the lighting was just spectacular. But enough about the location, check out this couple! They're so super sweet, fun to be around, and just plain adorable. When we first began the session, they were both a little nervous and unsure of what to do. I literally had to run back and forth between my shooting spot and the couple to pose them (placing arms where I wanted them, fixing hair placement, etc.) between every single shot. However, about 15 minutes in, they started to loosen up and feel a little more comfortable in front of the camera. Then, the magic happened. These two don't realize how beautiful they are. I know we are our own worst critic, but they're far too hard on themselves. I mean, just look at them! Girls would kill to have Jessica's small but perfectly curvy figure, gorgeous eyes, & long luscious hair... and guys would kill to be as tall & physically fit as Kreigh. They're stunning! Wouldn't you agree? I just can't wait to see these two all dressed up on their wedding day next spring. It's going to a beautiful day! Congratulations, Jessica & Kreigh!