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The Clothier's | Family Portraits | Plano, TX

Y'all, I just have to blog about this family. Not only are they absolutely beautiful (seriously- just look at them!), but they were a prime example of how I think we should all live. They're sweet and kind, lots of fun, and they love Jesus. What more could you ask for? They're not afraid of a little dirt, but when it came time for pictures, they were all spiffed up and ready to roll! They're such a perfect balance of everything wonderful. As Shanna and I sat down during her reveal appointment and watched the slideshow of her pictures, I couldn't help but feel a little jealous. As we discussed which pictures would hang on which walls, I wished I was her so I could hang 20 canvases of my family all over my home. They were such an inspiration, and I was in complete awe of how perfectly imperfect their life seems to be. Thank you, Clothier family, for what has been one of my favorite sessions thus far.