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Cami | American Girl | Senior Rep 2017

Here is styled session #6 with another one of my 2017 senior reps, Cami! This one is called, "American Girl." It's full of patriotism, beautiful Texas sunset lighting, and lots of flag twirling fun! Cami's original date got rained out, but it was all worth it for the beautiful evening we ended up shooting on. Some of my favorite images from this session are the ones where I captured the genuine laughter we got out of Cami throughout her session. Nothing makes me happier than catching laughter in a photograph.

Side note: The prop used in these images is not a real flag; it's actually a scarf. It was used to display patriotism & our love for our country. No disrespect was intended by using it. :)

Kylee Swisher Photography | Senior Photographer | DFW, Texas