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Besancon | Family Session | Keller, TX

During the heat of Texas summers, business tends to get a little slow. Everyone either had their photos taken in the spring, or they're waiting for cooler weather in the fall. When business gets slow, and bookings aren't coming in every week, it can be a little discouraging for photographers. So I thought, what a better time than this to host a model call and shoot a session for ME? I'm so often focused on pleasing everyone else, customizing my client's sessions to their taste & their preferences. It's not often that I get to call all the shots. I wanted to choose a family, coordinate their outfits, pose them the way I wanted, at a location that I chose. I wanted to fall in love with shooting families again, because they can so often be difficult (kids not looking at the camera, not smiling, running off set, etc.). Don't get me wrong, I love photographing families. They just require a little more patience. :)

So I posted an ad for the model call, and had over 60 families contact me interested in being my models. Somehow, I managed to choose the Besancon family. They seemed like the sweet, photogenic, traditional American family I was looking for... and I was right. They were so sweet. Kelli helped choose coordinating outfits for them to wear, let me choose a new location that I hadn't shot at before, and kept telling me during the shoot "How do you want us? I want you to make sure you get the pictures that you want." Music to a photographer's ears. Their three adorable children were so sweet, well-mannered & cooperated surprisingly well. It was just perfect. Just what I needed at the time. And now I have new, lovely family photos to use on my sample products. Thank you, Besancon family! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to not only work with you, but to get to know you. You're wonderful people, and a beautiful family.