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Ariel | 90's Urban Vibes | Senior Rep 2017

Meet Ariel... Ariel is one of my 2017 Senior Representatives. Each of my Reps have chosen a theme from a style board I created, and gets to participate in a stylized session where they'll model that theme. Ariel's choice was a 90's-inspired urban theme, and she totally ROCKED it! I had this vision in my mind, of a pretty girl with an edgy look and a killer "serious" face, rockin' ripped jeans & a crop top... My vision was awesome, but Ariel did it even better. She was on FIRE. I had forgotten prior to the shoot that she's had some previous modeling experience. It didn't take me long to remember though! Just look at her! Killin' it.

& I'm not sure I could have chosen a more PERFECT location for this session. It was a bit of a drive, but it was oh-so worth it. I wouldn't be surprised if Ariel's session inspires other teens to want to do something a little more "out of the box" for their senior pictures as well. Graffiti anyone? I've got the place for you!

I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this session. Feel free to drop a comment below. Interested in booking a session? Click the contact button in the menu at the top of my website. :)

Kylee Swisher Photography | Senior Portrait Photographer