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Abigail | Kylee Swisher Photography

Senior 2017 | Northwest High School | Haslet, TX

Q: How would you describe yourself in just 3 words?
A: Bubbly, Kind, and Sassy

Q: Are you involved in any sports / extracurricular activities? Or do you have any hobbies?
A: I sing in Northwest High School's Chorale choir, along with several small ensembles. I also enjoy participating in the theatre program at school as well.


Q: Describe your style!
A: I try to keep it pretty comfortable. I either dress super casual or get super dolled up. There's no in between.

Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?
A: I taught a small ensemble at my school, and they scored the highest possible score at solo and ensemble competition.


Q: What are your goals/plans for after high school?
A: I am going to attend Oklahoma State University in the fall and major in music education.

Q: Tell me 3 things on your bucket list!
A: Going to Australia, riding an elephant, and meeting Matt LeBlanc.


Q: What's your favorite way to spend the weekend?
A: My ideal weekend is just hanging at home with my family, and having a "Friends" marathon with my sister.

Q: What does beauty mean to YOU?
A: Beauty is not just something that's on the outside. To me, in order to be a truly beautiful person you have to be beautiful on the inside. You also need to be true to yourself, and know who you are as a person.


Q: What has been your favorite senior memory so far?
A: I really enjoyed Friday Night Football. Being underneath the lights and cheering for the boys is always something that I've enjoyed. Also, Fridays mean dress up days and those are also my favorite.

Q: What did you enjoy most about your senior portrait experience with Kylee Swisher Photography?
A: Kylee is just the sweetest. She and her family are so welcoming and accommodating. Our photo shoot was so much fun. We just had a great time together and I know that we built a friendship that will last forever.