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Shoot & Share Contest

Shoot & Share Contest 2018 | My Results

Year #2 is in the books, and I'm so excited to share my results! For those who don't know, the Shoot & Share Contest is an annual photo competition for photographers across the world! It's the largest, most popular photography contest, and for good reasons... It's free; it's open to all photographers across the globe; it's anonymous & fair; and ANYONE can vote! While it's nice to have your work judged by professionals in some cases, I enjoy the fact that anyone can vote for images in this particular contest, because it allows me to see how others perceive my images. Sometimes as photographers, we have a particular vision or we view our images a certain way, but others / non-photographers see them from a completely different perspective. Therefore, a lot of times MY favorite images aren't always my audience's favorites; and vice versa, so it's always interesting to see which images make it the furthest within this competition.

Last year was my first year entering, and I was shocked by my results! Having been doing photography professionally for only a year, I wasn't expecting my images to make it very far. However, all 32 images I entered made the top 30% or better! I even had 6 images make it as finalists (top 3%) and one make the Top 100! Here is a breakdown of my results from 2017.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 9.56.23 PM.png


This year, 413,065 images were submitted into the competition by 11,351 photographers worldwide! Out of the 50 images I submitted, almost all of them placed within the top 30% or higher! To my surprise, the majority of the ones I entered made the top 10% or better! I even had 8 FINALIST images; 3 in the Top 100, and 5 in the Top 20 of their categories!! Here are the awards I received, along with their counts. 

2018 S&S Results.jpg

This gorgeous image of Shelby, one of my 2018 Senior Models, received 6th place in the Styled Portrait category, out of 11,101 images! It's been almost a year since this photoshoot took place in a local laundromat, and I still get frequent compliments on it. It's been a real hit, but I certainly wasn't expecting it to place so highly in the contest! 

2 .jpg

This next image of the beautiful Miss Hannah, also a 2018 Senior Model, took 8th place amongst 29,460 images in the Teens & Seniors category! It's kind of mind-blowing when you think about the numbers! Who would have thought that a girl studying in a coffee shop would make an award-winning image? 


In 14th place of the Styled Portrait category, another image from my retro-inspired laundromat session with Shelby! She seriously thought I was a little crazy when I told her my idea for this shoot, but I'm so glad she trusted my vision and rolled with it!

Shelby-8 2.jpg

Next up is this lovely closeup of the beautiful Miss Bayleigh, one of my seniors from the Class of 2018. This image received 16th place in the Teens & Senior category.


The next photo placed 19th in the Teens & Seniors category. This little bookworm, Natalie, is another one of my 2018 Senior Models. This is my favorite image from her session, so I'm glad to know it did so well in the competition!


The next few images made the Top 100 within their categories... again, amongst tens of thousands of images! I am blown away!

Below are my 8 Finalist images, which is the top 3% of the images submitted into their categories!

The next 18 images placed within the top 10% of their category.

The next 5 images placed within the top 20% of their categories, including a sweet capture of my own daughter.

& Finally, the next 6 images placed within the top 30% of the images in their categories.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted for my images, to my lovely clients for being the face of these winning images, and of course to Shoot & Share for hosting this amazing contest!

Photographers-- Did you enter the contest? If so, I'd love to check out your work and connect with you. Let me know how you did in the comments below! If you didn't enter, but want to check out the contest results, click here.